VELN’s attorneys live by VELN’s Professional Services Philosophy. That philosophy emphasizes the criticality of high quality legal services grounded in thoroughness, attention to detail, strategy, communication. We believe it is imperative to carefully convey to clients a clear understanding of the allocations of risk in their contracts and transactions. Our ethical conduct as professionals and colleagues is also critically important, as is the ethical management of VELN. We are each responsible for faithfully supporting VELN’s culture of collegial collaboration, innovation and efficiency. We embrace and invent technology that improves our ability and capacity to efficiently complete commercial contracts and business transactions at a single, matchless rate. Toward excellent client communication, our written product is clear and concise in approved formats and styles.

With this Professional Services Philosophy, VELN intends to maintain an excellent workplace environment, please clients and create opportunities for future generations of outstanding lawyers.

VELN is committed to providing outstanding service to our clients by utilizing the latest strategies and technologies to effectively handle all facets of our clients' business transactions.
Our experience runs deep. Our Lead Attorneys bring years of practiced acumen into their efforts on behalf of clients and their mentoring of up-and-coming attorneys.

We believe that rigorous training, consistency and efficiency are the cornerstones of excellence.