VELN is a contemporary legal services enterprise. We are exclusively focused on handling clients’ commercial contracts, business transactions and business disputes in an excellent manner at a single, matchless rate. Our Lead Attorneys are seasoned contract architects and negotiators who have practiced at major law firms and in the upper echelon of business.

Industries our attorneys deeply understand include biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, technology, manufacturing, automotive, advanced mobility, telecommunications, entertainment and professional services. Some specific types of contracts and transactions they work on involve: business acquisitions and divestitures; joint ventures; supply chain relationships; equipment sales; industrial services; commercial transport; distribution; aftermarket sales; technology development; technology licensing; software development; SaaS; social media; public relations; data aggregation and analysis; tournament sponsorships; influencers; celebrity appearances; music licenses; copyrights; authorship; real property leases; and architectural services.

VELN has been newly built from the ground up to disrupt the traditional market in legal services by competing on the basis of quality, price, technology and client service. With a flat rate of $250 per hour, we undoubtedly bring extreme value to our clients seeking excellent and cost-efficient representation. Maintaining that value proposition is central to our mission, as is enterprise sustainability grounded in VELN’s Professional Services Philosophy.

We believe in personalized service. Please contact us at the number below to speak to a VELN attorney right away.